Current Sales

I sometimes have machines I am looking to sell. I try to update this regularly.

IBM Thinkpad A30 x2

IBM Thinkpad T41 x3

IBM Thinkpad A20m

IBM Thinkpad T61

IBM Thinkpad X41

IBM Thinkpad X40

IBM Thinkpad T43

IBM Thinkpad A20p

IBM Thinkpad R40

IBM Thinkpad T23

2009 iMac

PowerMac 7200

G4 Quicksilver 733Mhz, 1.5GB, Radeon 9200

iBook G4 1.33Ghz; 768MB

iBook G3 Snow 500Mhz; 384MB

G4 MDD 2x 1.25GHz; 1GB

G4 MDD 2x 1.0GHz; 1GB

G4 MDD 2x 1.0GHz; 0GB

G4 MDD 1x 1.00GHz; 1GB

Mac Mini G4 1.33Ghz; 1GB;

Mac Mini G4 1.25Ghz; 1GB;

G3 B&W 350Mhz; 128MB? ATI Rage 128

G3 B&W 300Mhz; 128MB

Sun Ultra 10 UltraSPARC 440Mhz; 1GB; Creator3D;Sun PCi (400 K6-2, 256MB)

Commodore VIC20 Gold Badge Rev E Board.

Commodore 64 x3

1x 386 generic

Enterprise R420 (for parts)