Current Machines

Generic PC

Modern x86

SerenityMainframe: Custom Rig|x86_64; Intel i5 4.6Ghz; 32 GB; NVidia Geforce 980 GTX; Windows 10

Currently the main work machine, as its the most reliable

Cthulhu Watu: Dell Inspiron 15 7547|x86_64; Intel i5 4210U 2.7Ghz; 16 GB; Windows 10

Currently the main laptop, but doesn’t see much use in the house.

 :Thinkpad X200|X86_64;Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 (2.53 GHz); 4GB; Lubuntu 20.04

343 Guilty Spark: HP Z220 SFF|X86_64; Intel i5 3570 3.4Ghz; 8GB; Pfsense

A generic PC running the firewall for my network

Dagon: Optiplex 9020 USFF|X86_64; Intel Xeon E3-1245 3.30GHz; 16GB; Windows 2008 R2 Server

Effectively a HTPC, but currently hosts until I get my homelab complete

Hydra: Optiplex GX620|x86_64; Intel Pentium 4 531 3.0Ghz; 4 GB; FreeBSD

A glorified Pentium4 machine that shouldn’t be in my collection

Blood Dragon: Custom Rig|AMD64; AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4Ghz; 8GB; NVIDIA Geforce 550TI; Windows XP

A good system, and main machine prior to 2017

Freeman: Alienware Area 51 7500|x86_64; Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz; 8GB; 2x NVIDIA GTX 570 SLI, Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux Mint

This is a 1200W LCS Core2Quad system. They aren’t exactly common, and it came with the original binder and keyboard.

Absolute Unit: Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1|i686; Intel Atom Z520 1.33Ghz; 1Gb; MX Linux 19.1/Windows XP

A small handheld tablet, but doesn’t have much use beyond a glorified portable terminal

:SuperMicro X8SIL|x86; Intel Xeon X3430 2.40Ghz; 16GB; Ubuntu 20.04

Vintage PC

WOPR :Dell Latitude C400|i686; Intel Penitum 1.33, 512MB, Windows 2000

Aizawa: Toshiba Libretto 70|i686; Intel Pentium 120Mhz MMX; 32MB; Windows 98SE

A Japanese imported Libretto, with the full base and 2 PC Card drives.

All Might: Toshiba Libretto 100ct|i686; Intel Pentium 166Mhz MMX; 64MB; Windows 95

A US based Libretto, with the full base and Floppy PC card Drive

Doc Brown: Epson Equity 1+|8088 Microprocessor; Siemens 8088 SAB-8088-1-P 10Mhz; 640KB; DOS

My only IBM compatible machine, and there is a complete spare parts machine to go with it

Falken: Toshiba Satellite T1910CS|486; Intel 80486 SX Processor 33mhz; 8MB; DOS6.21 /Windows 95

A basic 486 laptop with a color screen

MCP: Compaq Presario 7180|i686; Pentium K5 100mhz; 64MB; Windows NT4

Mid 1990s PC machine for floppy disks, CDs and tape installs.

Flynn: Zenith Z200|286

Tron: NCR 386|386; 387 co-processor

Rinzler: White Box 486|486; Intel 80486DX2-66 33Mhz, 8MB, Tseng ET4000 Orchid; Windows 3.1/95



Nyarlathotep: MacBook Air 7,2|x86_64; Intel i5 1.6Ghz; 4GB; 10.15 Catalina

Shub-Niggurath: MacBook Pro 4,1|x86_64; Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz; 6GB; 10.11.6 El Capitan

Currently in Storage, complete with spare parts machine

Acid Burn: Mac Mini 5,1|x86_64, Intel Core i5 2.3Ghz; 8GB; OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra

My main Macos workstation

Stunted: Mac Mini 2,1|i686; Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83Ghz; 2GB; 10.6.8

My Snow Leopard workstation


KRONOS: Apple PowerMac G5|ppc64; IBM PowerPC 970MP 2.3Ghz; 16 GB; ATI Radeon X1900GT; OSX 10.5.8 Leopard/OSX 10.4.11 Tiger/Lubuntu

Easily the jewel of my Power machines. It is a fully loaded late 2005 G5, with x1900GT and AMD Radeon HD6450. It also has the very rare G5 Jive, which adds 3 more drives to the system. It has a complete spare parts system.

Gibson: Xserve G5|ppc64; 2x IBM PowerPC 970fx 2.3Ghz; 3GB; ATI Radeon 7000 32MB; OSX 10.4.11 Server

Future MacOS Server

Gibson2: Xserve G5|ppc64; 2x IBM PowerPC 970fx 2.3Ghz; 8GB; ATI Radeon 7000 32MB; OSX 10.4.11 Server

Future MacOS server

The Phantom Phreak: Xserve G4|ppc; 2x Motorola/Freescale 7455 1.0Ghz; 2GB; OSX 10.4.11 Server

Future file server for vintage computers

Cereal Killer: Xserve G4|ppc; 2x Motorola/Freescale 7455 1.0Ghz; 2GB; OSX 10.4.11 Server

Future service server for vintage computers

Hammond: Powerbook G3 PDQ|ppc; IBM PowerPC 750 500Mhz, 512MB, Rage Pro LT; OS 9.2.2

One system with the original box, and complete with accessories and software

Muldoon: Powerbook G3 Lombard|ppc; IBM 750 400Mhz, 192MB, Rage Pro LT, OS 9.0

A G3 Powerbook with the DVD Decoder on the system board

Grant: Powerbook G4|ppc; IBM PowerPC 7447A 1.67Ghz, 2GB, Lubuntu 12.04

G4 Linux laptop

Europa: Powermac G4 Quicksilver|ppc; Motorola 7450 2x 800Mhz, 2GB, Geforce 4 Ti; OSX 10.4 Server

Rackmounted with the uncommon Marathon rackrails.

Ganymede: PowerMac G4 MDD|ppc; 2x Motorola PowerPC 7455 1.42GHz; 2GB; 10.5.8 Leopard

Main G4 tower, still working on maxing the system out.

Io: Power Mac G4 Gigabit|ppc; Freescale PowerPC 7448 1.6Ghz; 768MB, 10.0; OS9

Rackmounted with the uncommon Marathon rackrails.

Hercules: Mac Mini G4|ppc; FreescalePPC7447A 1.50Ghz; 1GB; 10.4.11

Isla Nubar: iMac G3 “Graphite”|ppc; IBM PowerPC 750cx 600Mhz, 1GB, OS9.2.2

Fastest G3 machine in collection

Malcolm :iMac G3 “Bondi”|ppc; IBM PowerPC 750 233mhz, 384MB; OS8.6

Isla Sorna: Beige G3 Minitower|ppc; IBM PowerPC 750cx 450Mhz, 768MB, OS 9.2

Fully loaded OS9 bridge machine. It has a SCSI CD, IDE CD, and Floppy drive. It also has the wings personality card, and a Sonnet ATA133. Locking for a faster G3 card on the system. OS9 and early OSX Development machine

Acidburn: PowerBook Duo 2300c|ppc; IBM PowerPC 601 100mhz, 20MB; OS 8.6

Destined for a future project to combine with a 280c

Mulder: PowerMac 7500|ppc; IBM PowerPC 604 120Mhz; 608MB; Voodoo3 OS 8.6

604 Power Workstation, needs a DOScard,



whterbt.obj: Apple IIci|68000; Motorola 68030 25Mhz;32MB; SuperMac 24 Series 3; System 7.5.5, A/UX

Fully loaded IIci, with Daystar FastCache card, MacTX custom powerboard, and ethernet cards. It also has a ADB drawing tablet

Wu :Powerbook 165c|68000; Motorola 68030  33Mhz; 4MB; System 7.1

A recent addition for a 68k laptop, with the goals of eventual installation of MacBSD.

Acidburn: Powerbook Duo 280c|68000; Motorola 68LC040 33Mhz; 4MB; no current system

The board will eventually be pulled and have the 2300c board in it.

Silicon Graphics

Janeway: SGI O2|mips4; R12000 400Mhz; 1024MB; IRIX 6.5.30(1600SW)

A machine built from many different systems. It has all the available peripherals, and is currently just a few MB short of being maxed out.

Picard: SGI Octane2|mips4; R12000 400Mhz; 2GB; V10; IRIX 6.5.28(Custom LED lightbar)

A completely upgraded Octane 1.5. It originally had a dual 270Mhz CPU. mardigras graphics and 512MB of ram.

Sisko: SGI Octane2|mips4; R14000 600Mhz; 512MB; V10; IRIX 6.5.28

An Octane2 that was originally used by the US Government, with beautiful skins.

Q: SGI Indy|mips4; R5000 150Mhz; 120MB; IRIX 6.2(Presenter 1280)

This was a lucky find, that was completely free, and has all the cables to run the Presenter 1280. It also came with an Indycam.

Kirk:SGI Indy|mips3; R4400 175Mhz; 128MB; IRIX 5.3

Rackmounted Indy for  IRIX 5.3 GCC/MIPSPRO building

Data: SGI O2|mips4; R5000 180Mhz; 512MB; IRIX 6.5.22

Lore: SGI O2 |mips4; R5000 180Mhz; 128MB; IRIX 6.5.22

This pair of O2s are part of an official rackmount O2 setup, sold by SGI

Pike: SGI Visual Workstation 320|i686; 2x 500Mhz Pentium 3; 512MB; CRM; Redhat 5.2, Windows 2000

NCC-1701: SGI IRIS Crimson|mips4; R4000 100mhz, 256MB; VTX (Powervision); IRIX 4.0.5(Video Creator VME)

Sun Microsystems

Alpha Centari: Sun Ray 1 |sparc; MicroSPARC IIep 100 MHz; 8MB; ATI Rage 128

A stateless thin client made for connecting to Solaris servers. It also has a spare parts machine

Odin: Sun Ultra 10|UltraSPARC; Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC 440Mhz; 1GB; Elite3D m6; Sun PCii Pro (733 Celeron, 512MB, Windows NT4), Solaris 10

A fully loaded Ultra 10

Fólkvangr: Sun Ultra 80|UltraSPARC; 4x Sun Microsystem UltraSPARC 440Mhz; 4GB; Solaris 10.

A Solaris workstation, with currently only 3 CPUs working

Jötunheimr: Netra T 1125|UltraSPARC; Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC II 2x 440Mhz; 2GB; Solaris 10

Basically a rackmounted Ultra60, missing sound hardware, but still has room for a UPA Card.

Digital Equipment Corporation

:DEC Microvax 3100|KA41-D; CVAX+ 16.67 MHz; 32MB, netBSD

:DEC Starion 960|i686; Intel Pentium 166Mhz, 32MB, Windows NT

:Dec Multia|Alpha; Alpha 21066 166mhz, 16MB, Debian 9.0

Cobalt Systems

:Cobalt Raq|mips4; RM5230 150Mhz; 128MB; Redhat 6

:Cobalt Qube2|mips4; RM5231 250MHz; 128MB; Redhat 6

General Magic

Lord Nikon: Datarover 840|mips; 32bit TX System Risc TX39 Family Toshiba TMPR3902U ; 4 MB; General Magic Proprietary; Magic Cap 3.1.2k

An incredibly rare Datarover 840, fully works, but missing some plastic and the magicbus cord.

Hewlett Packard

:HP 9000 712/60|PA-RISC; PA-7100LC 60Mhz; 32MB; HP-UX

PA-RISC workstation


Sherlock: IBM Power5 505-9119 Server|POWER; POWER5 Quad 2.1Ghz; 4GB; AIX

An AIX power workstation for compiling

:IBM 5150


Warhol: Commodore Amiga 500|68000; Motorola 68000 7.16 MHz; 4.5MB; ECS; Kickstart with 1.3 and 2.0

Ross: Commodore Amiga 2000|68000; Motorola 68000 7.16 MHz; 1MB;

ARM Systems

SerenityNote: Samsung Galaxy Note 10|arm64; Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core 1×2.8 GHz Kryo 485 & 3×2.4 GHz Kryo 485 & 4×1.7 GHz Kryo 485; 8GB; Android 10

[REDACTED]: Samsung Galaxy Note 8|arm64; Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Octa-core 4×2.35 GHz & 4×1.9 GHz; 6GB; Android 9.0 Pie

NeXTThing: Pocket C.H.I.P.|arm; Allwinner R8 SoC processor 1.0Ghz; 512MB; CHIP OS

Nightcall: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B|arm64; Broadcom BCM2837 Quad Core 1.2GHz; 1GB; Raspian

Nightcall 2: Raspberry Pi 1 Model B|arm; Broadcom BCM2835 700Mhz; 512MB; RISC OS 5

Nightcall 3: Raspberry Pi 1 Model B|arm; Broadcom BCM2835 700Mhz; 512MB; Booterizer Server

Quorra: Odroid-XU4|arm64; Samsung Exynos5422 4x A15 2.1GHz & 4x A7 1.4; 2GB; Mali-T628 MP6; Ubuntu Mate

in a Custom Mini Indigo Case.


Clank: PSP-3000|mips; Sony CXD2962GG R4000 333Mhz; 64 MB; 6.61 PRO-C Custom Firmware

Sora: PlayStation 2|mips; Sony Emotion Engine (Custom R5900); 300Mhz; 32MB; Standard PS2 Bios

Rachet: PlayStation 3|ppc64; Cell Broadband Engine 3.2Ghz; 256MB; T2 SDE

Kratos: PlayStation 3(Launch Edition)|ppc64; Cell Broadband Engine 3.2Ghz; 256MB, CFW

Thunderhead: Sega Genesis|68000; Motorola 68000 @ 7.6; 72 KB; Genesis Firmware

Marvin: Xbox 360 Arcade|ppc64; Microsoft XCPU 3.20 GHz; 512MB; Xbox 360 system software (DVD Drive is not working)

Jasper: Xbox 360 Elite|ppc64; Microsoft XCPU 3.20 GHz; 512MB; Xbox 360 system software

Mario: Nintendo Wii|ppc; IBM PowerPC 750CL “Broadway” 729Mhz; 88MB; Wii system software with Homebrew Channel

Ryu: Sega Dreamcast(NTSC-J)|SuperH; Hitachi SH-4 32-bit RISC 200 MHz; 16 MB; Sega variant Windows CE

Ken: Sega Dreamcast(NTSC)|SuperH; Hitachi SH-4 32-bit RISC 200 MHz; 16 MB; Sega variant Windows CE


Area51 & Area 52: Antminer S3|mips; Antminer ASIC, 32x BM1382 250Mhz; Antminer custom firmware

Test Equipment

Tectronix 465 Oscilloscope

Other Part Machines and Spare Parts.