Lucanis’s Service and Repair Nook.

$80 Flat fee PC Repair plus cost of parts

This includes installation of operating system software, virus removal, cleaning, basic component replacement for desktops, basic data recovery, as well as most repairs and upgrades on laptops. This one time charge covers whatever combination of the above is needed to resolve the issue you are having with your personal machine.

$150 Level2 Repair plus cost of parts

These are advanced repairs such as data recovery requiring partition repair or data recovery, basic electronics repair such as component replacement on motherboards, power supplies, etc.

$200 Vintage Equipment Restoration plus cost of parts

If you have a vintage or antique piece of electronics, I can usually try to diagnose and fix it. If I am unable to fix it, the diagnosis is free.

$300 Small Business Special –

Assess existing network, make all repairs to all computers (up to 10 workstations), make recommendations for upgrades.

All repairs carry a 3 month “Fixed or labor is Free” guarantee.

I do travel and make house calls, but if I go out of the greater Sacramento area, there is a $50 travel fee that is non-refundable.

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